Red Hat or LPI?

Which cert has the greatest respect of employers and value in the marketplace?


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    I think it all depends really the RHCE is one tough exam but is distro specific, the LPIC is neutral so I'd say it depends on where you want to work. Personally I like LPIC better that may be the next exam I shoot for when work lightens up.
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    The RHCE is probably more well know then the LPIC. The thing is it is fairly costly ($749 I think) but if you compare it to the MCSE then that price seems pretty fair. One of the difficulties with the RHCE is that you can only take it in certain places since there is a hands on lab involved. With the LPIC you can take it at a prometric or vue testing center which there are usually several close by. If you have the time and resources available go for the RHCE if you have some experience with Unix/Linux. If not then start out with Linux+ and/or LPIC. RHCE is no walk in the park from what I have heard. A buddy of mine took it and he said it was a monster.
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    I'm thinking about going for the RHCT. I still have a lot of GI Bill money to use on training and it expires fall 2009.
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    And with that last post I jump to 3 stars! Woot!
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    I was going to take the RHCT but I later found out that even if you hold a valid RHCT you need to retake (and possibly fail) the RHCT exam to earn your RHCE.

    Where i am now uses HPUX11 and RH5 so for me the RHCE is worth more.
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    Red hat is going to have the greatest respect. But I think LPIC will be gaining value as time goes on.
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  • UnixGuyUnixGuy Mod Posts: 4,564 Mod

    Sun Solaris and IBM AIX, IMHO.

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    That's such a unix thing to say.. lol..
  • seuss_ssuesseuss_ssues Member Posts: 629
    UnixGuy wrote:

    Sun Solaris and IBM AIX, IMHO.

    As much as i do enjoy linux personally i know more Unix admins making the big bucks. Im not saying unix or linux admins make more, i am just saying that i know more unix admins.

    And to answer the TS question. The RHCE is probably listed in more job postings than then LPI certifications. Thats the test i normally use to see which certification is more respected, just go to and search for keywords like RHCE and LPIC.
  • UnixGuyUnixGuy Mod Posts: 4,564 Mod
    That's exactly what I am telling you guys! I know MANY Solaris admins who make heaps more money that Linux admins, this is why I keep recommending it. It's fun and rewarding !

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    My strategy is going to be to do the LPIC exams, so I can slowly work my way up to the level of the RHCE. I have a really weak *nix background, so I'm going to take baby steps.

    Then I'm going to move on to Solaris in order to appease UnixGuy and make big $$$ ;)
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    Straight into the RHCE for me! Bring on the fire baby!

    Well, after I complete this darn MCSE. With a possibility of :S tacked on if I can hold of with my RHCE studies that long.
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