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Hi all,
Im just about to start studying for my IT Essentials, CompTIA A+ and MCDST.
Any advice would be greatly appreaciated.



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    Study hard and don't ****. Thats about all the advice I can give you!
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    1) Check out the technotes and sticky notes on this site.
    2) has some good free study guides.
    3) Preplogic, trancender, MS press books, CBT nuggets are some other popular resources if your willing to spend a little $$$.

    You can find some used MS press books or other books at Amazon, ebay, ect...Everyone studies different and has there favorite study resources. Find yours....
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    Study hard and don't ****. Thats about all the advice I can give you!


    There are so many people that I know who get the brain **** for a test and that is all they study and when it comes to actually needing that knowledge in a job they try to dodge work. The worst thing anybody can do to themselves imho is get the certs without getting the knowledge that is needed to pass the cert without cheating. If you study to the point where you can pass the cert w/o cheating, then your going to remember that info when you need it.
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    Best of luck, WYN!
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