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Hello everybody!!!
It's me again with more questions.

1.- What's the differnce on events for Event Viewer from Aplication and System?
It's seems to me that System are more detailed logs. But i dont have a clear difference.

2.- I've tried to export Quota Entries but i don't know how to view it. Must I save it with some specific format? Suppose i need a report for status.

3.- I'm a bit confused about clients version of os with SUS.
I understand that if i have w2000 it doesn't support policy to distribute the name of the SUS server. And in that case i have to apply a gpo to instal some version of wsus client sw. Is that correct.
Realated also with Wsus. What's wrong with XP clients if they don't have SP?

Thanks again ....
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    Any idea?
    working on 70-291

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    It is basically just a slightly logical way to sort the Windows logs. Application has events that applications send to the event viewer. Security evolves mostly of access logs. System logs includes things that are happening inside the system.



    Basically the older versions of windows need to have the proper registry keys and services installed before they can take advantage of automatic updates.

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    #2 If your looking to create a disk quota report:

    Open My Computer.

    Right click the volume that has disk quotas enabled and click Properties.
    Select the Quota tab.
    Click the Quota Entries button. The Quota Entries window will appear.
    Open a program, such as Excel, that you can create a report in.
    From the Quota Entries window, drag the entries you want included in your report to the program you opened in the previous step.
    Once you are finished, save the report.

    If your trying to export disk quota settings look here:

    In XP you can also export the disk quota settings by:

    Open My Computer

    Right click the appropriate NTFS volume and click Properties.
    Select the Quota tab.
    Click the Quota Entries button.
    From the list of entries, click the user you want to export quota settings for.
    From the Quota menu, click Export.
    In the Export Quota Settings dialog box, specify a destination folder and file name. Click Save.

    For #3

    WSUS uses a client-server architecture. The WSUS server must have an NTFS-formated system partition, plus you need IIS, have the WWW Service and BITS service active and install at least .NET 1.1 service Pack 1 for Windows 2003 Server. You can download and install the WSUSSetup.exe from and after you install the server component you can use the WSUS console to configure the automatic client update settings by going to [url]http://WSUSServername:portnumber/WSUSadmin[/url] If your directly on the WSUS server you can go to: Start -Programs-Administrative Tools-Microsoft Windows Server Update Services

    To answer your question about the XP. Systems running XP SP2 or later and 2003 Server SP 1 or later automatically have the Automatic Updates Extension for WSUS installed. So you would need to be up to at least XP SP2 to be able to configure the client settings through your domain GPO to point all of your clients to its nearest WSUS server. Policy settings made in GP always have precedence over user-defined settings in a domain.

    After you first setup your WSUS and GPO, you may want to do a gpupdate /force at the command prompt to update the local clients policy changes from the DC.

    Hope this answers your questions.
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    Thank you for all your answers!!!
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