Lenovo Y510

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Hey guys. planning to buy a new notebook . Looking for 2GHZ+ , 3GB RAM+ as a priority. Use would be mostly for home purpose. web surf,movies, songs, ms office, visio,autocad.

I am loking for a book around 600-700$. I came across Lenovo Y510.

Could you guys give me ur recommendations.


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    I'm a big fan of the Lenovo product line. We've switched to exclusively deploying ThinkPads here at work. They have run like champs for quite a while now. Not to forget, the System Update utility is completely hardcore. No more of the days of having to go to the manufacturer's website to download necessary drivers and software. Well, you do have to load the network drivers first so you can get internet access, but after that, load System Update and it will download everything for you related to your model machine. I'll also say this, the ThinkVantage Utilities are probably the only manufacturer software I leave on the machine and reinstall if necessary.
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    Thanks TRMark,

    Have u guys installed the Lenovo Y510 ideaPad at ur place. how is the heat dissipating capability of the system, does it get too hot !
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    I can't speak for the Y510 at this point. To date, we have exclusively deployed ThinkPad T61s and X61 Tablets. Both of which have had no heat or otherwise hardware related problems.
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    well no doubt thinkpad are good... but then ...never seen a lenovo product with out the IBM tag .....any other suggestions on notebook.
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