Revision time!

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Hi guys,

I'm getting into revising mode for this exam. I tend to use the MS Press and Exam Cram books as well as a mixture of Test Out and Self Test software. For this exam I'll prob setup a virtual environment also.
I'm a Network Admin with approx. 4/5 years experience.

Any other suggestions for revision materials or how I should set the vm out?




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    undomielundomiel Member Posts: 2,818
    I'd recommend saving the ExamCram book for the night before the exam. I was rather underwhelmed by it. It was good for a refresher of my memory just before the exam but I felt that the MS Press was way more beneficial. I'd recommend 2 DCs a member server an a workstation if you can manage that. The more the merrier though! Get as much hands on as possible.
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