Move to job with smaller company, but more money?

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I work in 1st/2nd line support for a company of 300. They are desperately short of support staff, but no plans to hire any. I am constantly under extreme pressure, and there seems to be no IT plan going forward, they are just concerned with getting through today intact.
I don't think the IT dept is doing very well at the moment compared to a few years ago.

I have a chance (passed first interview stage) of a job paying 20% more, also 1st and 2nd line support.. I think they really like me, I got on well with the infrastructure manager in the interview, we have similar hobbies and interests.

Thing is, they have a smaller userbase (about 125 people). Am I "downgrading" my experience if I move from supporting 300 people to supporting 125?

What do you think?

cheers, I'm really torn here.


  • MishraMishra Member Posts: 2,468 ■■■■□□□□□□
    Nope. Take it if it looks interesting and gives you better opportunities.

    Good luck.
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    More $$$ & Less Stress = :D
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    az_golfer wrote:
    More $$$ & Less Stress = :D

    Not only this but you can grow with the company and it can lead to higher positions.
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    I'll second that as well. Less stress (the more important one) + more money (the less important one though can lead towards the more important one) = good things. I'd say 100% go for it.
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    This sounds like a no brainer.

    Plus, with a smaller company, you might be required to support more stuff.
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  • paintb4707paintb4707 Member Posts: 420
    Most definitely, move on. Especially if you don't get to do anything with your current infrastructure, then you're not learning.
  • whistlerwhistler Member Posts: 108
    az_golfer wrote:
    More $$$ & Less Stress = :D

    Also depending on the users needs more time to study.
  • CGN_SpecCGN_Spec Member Posts: 96 ■■□□□□□□□□
    More money and a smaller network please go for it. Granted the network is only 125 users or so but this is a golden opporunity. You are in position to basically become irreplaceable, move on learn the network and have a great level of job security.
  • eMeSeMeS Member Posts: 1,875
    Who says that 125 people is any easier or less stressful to support than 300?

    In terms of your experience gained, I think it would depend on many other factors like the type of business, the level of user expertise, business volumes, the organization's apetite for lasting fixes to problems vs. the attitude of your current employer ("getting through today"), and the organization's overall approach to technology (early adopter, etc..).

    If you could support 300 people that generate $5 million in sales per year, or 125 people that generate $50 million in sales per year, which would you choose? Although you didn't provide that type of information, in my mind, the business result that you are enabling through your work is what matters in terms of your experience gained.

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