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Anyone here from Raleigh area? Is it hard to find an entry level job in Raleigh and sorounding area? We're planning to move there early next year and hoping to get a job, my only certificate is an MCP 270 but finished CCNA course and Administering Windows Network.

I don't have an actual experience of administering Network but given a chance, I can assure anyone that I could do the job. My last experience was a Computer Tech on a small computer shop but my job there is all around. Doing images, resetting password, upgrading, doing wireless and wired network.

I hope somebody could help me or advice me what to do.

Thank you.


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    One of my clients is looking for an IT field service tech in Charlotte (about 150 mi from Raleigh) so I'm not sure if you're set on Raleigh or North Carolina in general.
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    The ideal place to be employed in NC.
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    Raleigh can be a tough place to get a tech job. Many applicants have advanced degrees and the competition is fierce if you don't stand out in some way. I can't speak to the certification issue (I was there 15 years ago), but I can tell you that most applicants for jobs have qualifications out the wazoo. It's crazy competitive.
    I would recommend that you work on your certs and get some experience in whatever tech setting you can. The biggest employers will be RTP companies, the state, and the universities. But they also will have the most inflexible requirements for applicants.
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    I think you'd have better luck in Charlotte really, if that's an option.
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    I just relocated to Raleigh and didn't have much trouble finding work (I do have quite a bit of experience though). It was a little harder finding a permanent position with great benefits, but I found plenty of contract jobs. If you keep looking I don't think you will have too hard of a time.

    Good luck with your search!
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    Thank you for all the reply, actually my experience with computer is more than two years, is that enough to land a desktop support job in Raleigh? And since we're moving there early next year, about February, is it okay to apply for a job now?
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    You could probably land a help desk job with two years experience, but it also depends on your resume and interviewing skills.

    It may be a little too early to start looking for employment. Most employers that I have spoken to are looking to hire someone that can start within a month. There are always exceptions to the rule though.
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    I'm 45, have 15 years technical support/PC technician experience, have certs (A+, Network+, MCDST), has an AAS degree in Computer Technology, presently living 60 miles SW of Raleigh and I am still having difficulty finding work near where I live as well as the Raleigh area. Seems like folks say I am overqualifed, undequalified, overcertified, undercertified, overeducated, undereducated, too tall, too short, too ugly, not ugly enough, etc., etc. Heck, you name it, and I've probably NOT been hired for Lord only knows what reason! Seems like folks would rather hire younger folks with no certs and for much less $$$ than someone experience like myself who has certs and has an AAS degree..

    Did live in Raleigh from '93 -'02. Moved away from the Raleigh area for health and personal reasons. Lots of folks moving in to the area. Competition for jobs keeps getting tougher. Still some contract jobs out there. Best shot for perm jobs is most likely state government. I worked as a contractor for a state agency and got promoted within a year to a perm job. Wound up leaving this job for health reason. Too much unnecessary stress.

    Am looking mostly for desktop support/PC tech work. I've had a few interviews. But still no luck. There are some jobs out there in and around Raleigh. Am doing short-term jobs and even working on home user PCs in the interim. Still hope for a long-term or perm job somewhere whether it's Raleigh, Fayetteville or wherever. In the meantime, when I am not working or hunting for work, I am studying for 70-270 and working towards getting an MCSA.

    Job hunting has never been easy and it keeps getting tougher and crazier, but I am still not giving up!
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    I can feel your pain. That also happened to me here in SC, I applied for a tech support in one of the hospital here and they did not call me back at all then found out that they hired someone I know who is I think not that experieced compared to mine. They always say that you can land a job by "networking". Not the Networking that we know here, he he he.

    I think there a lot of Filipinos in NC and I'm now hoping that by the use of that "networking" I will be able to land a job that fits my qualification.
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    Not sure if there are many Filipinos here. At least I haven't ran into any....

    Networking is a great way to get into a position. Nothing like having a man on the inside to talk you up!
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    Networking is a great way to get into a position. Nothing like having a man on the inside to talk you up!

    Well, it's not necessarily what you know, but who you know, and who you know that might know somebody!
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    Networking is a great way to get into a position. Nothing like having a man on the inside to talk you up!

    Maybe it's time to use that networking. Maybe we can use you as our network in your company :D . We can guarantee you that you will not regret it.
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    Well, unless you have VoIP or Telecom experience I can't really help you in my company.

    If I were you I would try the hospitals and schools in the area first.
    An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made.
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