How to view memory amount and IOS question

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How do I view the amount of memory in a router? The seller said it had 64/16

When I do show version it shows :

Cisco 3640 (R4700) processor (revision 0x00) with 59392K/6144K bytes of memory

Is this the right way?[/i]

And the router seems to be configured. It shows users and IP's. Is there a way to clear all the configuration back to default?


  • gojericho0gojericho0 Member Posts: 1,060
    Thats the amount of DRAM memory in the router.

    To clear the config do the following

    Router# erase start
  • darkuserdarkuser Member Posts: 621
    yes that's the amount of ram

    59392K/6144K bytes of memory

    59k availible 6 reserved for system processess

    there should be 16m of flash
    try dir
    or dir flash:
    rm -rf /
  • mgeorgemgeorge Member Posts: 777
    Yep you can use the sh ver to view the total

    But if you are running 12.3 or later you can use "Show c3600"

    it will show you at the bottom what ram is in what slot, what type of ram and how much per slot"

    Check it out ^_^
    There is no place like
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