i'll take my exam tomorow morning ? could you advise me

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i'll take my exam tomorow morning ? could you advise me


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    icon_rolleyes.gif hey all here

    what should i revise for the tomorow exam ?

    what must i much practice

    please i'm so afraid

    helps meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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    Calm down bro, and let's use logic here. Taking the exam means :

    - If there is anything u feel ur weak in it, then study and review it once and twice, there is nothing wrong with that.

    - For sure the Technotes... it's really useful and benefited me a lot, thx again for the Author. Try to spent a fast pass on the technotes and brush up ur memory with it.

    - sleep early before u take the exam and wake up early, never do like me, I went there having 24 hours didn't sleep, HELL, it was really hell, barely can open my eyes, but thx God i passed anyway.

    - Always be sure to reach 30 Mins before taking the exam, to not be hurrying up.

    -CompTIA exam is a software anyway, the center u'll go will download it and will install it the time u'll take ur exam, there is also an agreement that u have to accepte. There is also a practice exam CompTIA gives it to make u relax before jumping into the exam, my advise is to not jump in the exam at first, answer the practice question so u'll get in the mode.

    - be sure to read the question well and understand it, and never hurry to answer, and if ever a question u don't know the answer then mark it so u can go back for it, don't waste time.

    - Accoring to CompTIA << *Sometimes questions that do not count toward exam results are included in CompTIA exams. These questions may even address a topic that is not part of the exam objectives, and therefore is not covered in any of the training materials. Unscored questions are included on an exam to allow for the collection of statistical data. Again, these questions, if included, are not scored and have no impact on whether a candidate passes or fails the exam. Candidates are notified in documentation before starting the exam when unscored questions are included >>. So never let those kind of question frustrate u.

    - Go and grab the exam bro, goodluck...
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    thank you for help

    Today is the 02 June i'm happy to annonce that i've get my Network+

    my advise is to work on the sybex 4 edition book

    i'm open source if need my materials just ask me
  • Appatchi_BioAppatchi_Bio Member Posts: 12 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Congratulations Bro. Yes, Sybex is a good study guide, but if ur going to pursue other certifications, then never rely on only one book. Every study guide will have its cons and pros to some objectives, and wat's not covered in depth in one, will be covered in the other and vice versa. Try also Wikipedia.org, really has a lot of useful articles esp on networking. Goodluck, and wish u the best bro.
    Becareful Of What U Wish U May Regret It, Becareful Of What U Wish U Just Might Get It...
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