stupid stupid questiob but here goes..

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okay gurus,

I haved used SSH for sftp secure ftp access and works great.

but this is my understanding. If were to connect a VPN connection say from some remote client
to my VPN server, it is secure to use regualr FTP and RDP or VNC into say my home LAN.
right it works both ways if i connect a vpn client to my home vpn server it gives me secure access to do this:

FTP (no sftp needed since i am using vpn)
RDP or VNC (no security needed since i am vpn in to home lan)

i just need an AMEN or explain on this. thanks
never used vpn before just wante dto make sure. thanks


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    Well..... technically AMEN.

    But you're only secure up to your VPN Server, so your home LAN isn't secured. If you're hardwired (no wireless) then you're probably fine (except from the guys who can read the electromagnetic radiation given off by your computers from a mile away).

    If you do have wireless at home, is that secured? Would you want your wacko neighbor to be able to gain access to your unsecured RDP and VNC machines?
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    (except from the guys who can read the electromagnetic radiation given off by your computers from a mile away).

    funny mike thanks for the amen; sometimes i just need my hand held !hahhah
    thanks for the professional reply....yeah I usually use ssh for my sftp or have used
    ssh for remote in with putty you know create ssh tunnel then rdp or vnc or telnet through
    22 ssh tunnel. but i am pushing myself to learn ssl vpns and ipsec vpn and pptp vpn etcc.
    at home my crazy home lab!

    yeah about the electromagnetics i think i wll need some alluminium foil to cover my pcs and servers to prevent detection of the 0s and 1s what yah think mike ahhahahaha

    yeah my wifi has WPA-PSK andAES enable with my super long sentence key
    yeah i learned my secure lessons with wifi when i could see all in my apt complex UNSECURE
    and playing with them heee heee! sending them net send messages was that fun! heee hee
    i know i am bad! and i watched this hacking video how to hack WEP and well went straight to WPA holy crap was that fast this guy could crack WEP..

    oh i have to tell you something so freaking hilarous! our ISP solarus use to be called WCTC
    they had one of their gateway router hacked into was easy this kid did a search for ip addresses and devices on WAN and found gateway he then preceded to try (get this) default passwords setup by cisco and just default password admin admin cisco or whathave you ; he tried a few and bam got in and then did a write erase etcc..neededless to say he is up on charges fo 6 years in prision possible..yeah what he did was wrong but you know the ISP should have known better he to me saved their asses since it could have been russian hackers breaking in and wreaking havoc! but it was hilarous to hear about...I told them not to use default passsowrd. they do that for our gateways...i just shook my head! haah

    to me it was lesson for the ISP engineers to redo all their gatewy passwords to something consistant but hard! i could not believe it

    thanks fo ryou help!
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