The lowest cost possible to setup computer lab

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One of my college asignment is to setup a computer lab of 100 computers to access the internet for the end user/office.

the end user want lowest possible cost in term of ISP (They already have the computers, and all of them have a RJ45 connector and they all run WinXP pro, they want the lowest monthly payment to Internet service provider) and the end user want each computer SHOULD have at lease 200Kbps when access the internet.

the service they have in end user's area are

1.5Mb DSL for $60 per month
2.0Mb DSL for $80 per month
T3 for $250 per month

My answer is get 10 2.0Mb DSL lines for $800 and connect 10 computers / line use a switch which should able to access 200Kbps even all try to download at the same time.

If you have some other ideas. Please let me know Thank you


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