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I passed 70-210 back on the 1st Nov last year and have been studyin hard since for 215. Anyways, I rang to book the exam (for Fri 28/02) and was told that they could'nt confirm my date because there has been problems with the "Simulations". The guy said to email him and he'd mail me back when everythin was OK, that was last week!!! The thing I was wondering is, what are these "Simulations". Does he mean the "interactive" questions. Is 215 similar to 210 in that it's questions or is this somthing new? Just wanted to go in there with an idea wot to expect thats all!

Thanks alot & keep up the good work!!!



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    Don't beat yourself up on this. He was probably referring to the question pool of the exam. This Server exam is straight forward just like 210 was. It get tougher after 215 is conquered
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    Hmmm - seems like it is worldwide. My centre was having problems with some of the software recently too and exams were postponed for almost a day while it was sorted icon_rolleyes.gif
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    there is one certification portal out there. i cannot remember which. that rates the difficulty of each exam. i remember when studying for my a+ and being awed by the amount of material it covered, only to find it's difficulty rating was less than half of some of the microsoft exams.

    still, with experience, i seem to be getting better and i always believed that hands-on in beneficial. using the products in a working environment is obviously better than working in a lab, but unless you have the job you are working for, the lab will just have to do ;)
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    As an update, i phoned the guy from the company again today and it seems everyone (other test centres) are having problems with 215 at the moment. I asked him about these "Simulations" and all he could say was there are a couple of questions that use them and it's like some kind of desktop where you have to click things. This sounds like the "interactive" type questions used in 210. Anyways, as i said in my other post, Im not troubled by this.

    I'm still booked for the 28/02 and I just gotta ring again to see how things r goin, if everythin turns out OK, he said he would email me.

    Thanks everyone for your comments.

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    good luck with your exam
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    Hi everyone,

    Just thought I'd let you know what happened in the end. Did'nt get to take 70-215 till Monday 03/03, even then my test centre messed me about abit, was due to take it 12noon, however there were problems and I had to wait over an hour & a half, did me good though cause I was really calmed down, basically they were saying that the exam would only work on the 1 machine and since this was in use I had to wait for it to become free. When I did finally take it, I really enjoyed the exam, all my hard study paid off and I confidently passed. I've been away the past few weeks so I haven't had to chance to tell anyone. Anyways the break is over and I'm on the trail of 70-218.

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    which books did you use
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    Basically all the Microsoft MCSE Core Books - The self study guides. A friend of mine also swapped with me so I got the SYBEX MCSE Core Books aswell + the resource kit books from another friend and lots of practice on a home made 4 machine home network. OK?


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