70-621: Worth the time or waste of time?

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Got my MCDST after passing 70-272 in February. Presently studying for 70-270. Most of my work experience has been as a PC tech and desktop support person. Been hearing all the mess about how folks will stop selling XP after 6/30/08 (or whenever). Also been hearing about how M$ will try to get the next version of Windows ready as early as next year. Heck, will there even be an SP2 for Vista??? icon_rolleyes.gif

Seems like amongst business, government and education, you hardly ever see Vista. Only place you'll find Vista is amongst home or small office users who have recently bought new PCs. Thus, would studying for 70-621 be worth the time or a waste a time? icon_confused.gif

On my PC at home, I'd probably need to get a second hard drive and a copy of Windows Vista Ultimate so I could play with it. Maybe even get a better video card to play around with the Aero features. I'm OK on CPU (P4 - 2.8 MHz) and RAM (1.5 GB). Come to think of it, a new laptop would be nice. Maybe I can be a good boy for the rest of this year and hope Santa Claus can bring me a new laptop for Christmas! icon_lol.gif


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    I'd go for 621, unless you want to go for both like me.

    I don't feel that actual hands on for Vista is required, but wouldn't hurt at all. I've been using Vista for awhile but some of the stuff I never really use, like UAC which is covered a lot, but I completely disable. Windows firewall... disabled.

    I'd just get a few good sources to read and double read stuff you aren't familiar with.

    If people won't switch to Vista, what makes you think they'll switch to the next one? XP, has been along for 5 years now? From what I've read aren't the next OSs gonna be pushed out every 3 years or so? So Vista is halfway~ done with it's life right now? 95, 98, 98se, Me, 2k, XP, (5 Year space) Vista. I think XP has just had a longer mainstream stay then other OSs in the past. XP or Vista, test whichever one you want. XP is still nice to have.

    Anyways, either way you go, good luck buddy!
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    Vista might not be sold to much on pc once the new Windows is released but it will still be implemented and used for many years to come just like XP. I mean there are still 98 and Windows 2000 implemented in various networks. I am taking my Vista 620 exam on next tuesday so i would still attain Vista Certs.
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    Hi all
    With regards to Vista, I work for apparently the largest financial institution in the world and they are moving over to vista in the next few months gradually country to country. Bearing in mind that they are still using windows 2000 so from what I understand they and many other companies like them once they iincorporate an os they stick with it for many years. Do the Vista certs they are worth it in the long run.
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