Salary requirement on resume, but don't know.

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I am sending my resume into a business and they ask for a salary requirement. I have no idea what to put though?
I am MCP and have no actual job expierence with computers or networks. THe job description is...
Troubleshoot/Support company network and all related hardware and software applications. Must posses excellent customer service skills and have the ability to prioritize and meet deadlines.
Skills: Win 98/NT/2000/XP, Office 97/2000, Outlook, Networking, TCP/IP, FTP, VPN. Occasional traveling. Minimum 3 years windows NT/98/2000 troubleshooting experience.
I don't really have 3 years, but oh well.

So, what do you think I should put down as a salary requirement on the resume?




  • mikiemovmikiemov Member Posts: 182
    Without sounding all doom and gloom, id say it doesnt really matter as there is a very good chance you wont get the position as they want experience.

    I have 5yrs experience and MCSE, and some positions I apply I get turned down as I dont have enough experience, so join the club.
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  • /usr/usr Member Posts: 1,768
    What positions do you get turned down for, manager positions? It's hard to believe you are declined a job due to lack of experience, after five years of it. Do you have a degree?
  • mikiemovmikiemov Member Posts: 182
    No degree, which isnt really a necessity over here. but problem I have is that I have excellent sys admin experience in offices of 70 users max, over 3 sites (as the office where I work now does). When you want to move up to something in the oil industry which is huuge in Aberdeen with 300 users plus, I get lack of experience.

    Not sure what else I can really do, except be very "liberal" with the truth on my CV. But anyone with local knowledge will know the company I work for and know Im a chancer !!
    A woman drove me to drink, and I didnt have the decency to thank her.
  • tahjzhuantahjzhuan Member Posts: 288 ■■■■□□□□□□
    I just applied to a job @ that may have been a little out of my range. This is what I received back...

    "Tahjzhuan, It was nice speaking with you just now. While you didn't qualify for the Keesler position, I believe the Pensacola Help Desk position suits your work experience quite well."

    so even if you don't get that job, they'll keep your resume on file and should get with you if something else comes up.

    Oh yeah, about the salary. I always say negotiable. There's lots of factors such as job duties, responsibility, location, shift, etc.
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