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I hope I'm doing the right thing. I'm taking the 70-291 as my first Exam..I've really gone far and can't look back now. can u actually RUN--- arp -a clientipaddress on a DHCP server to get a client's MAC address or ipconfig instead I saw that in the answer explanation to the 10 new Questions!!

Are 100% of the questions troubleshoot questions? in the Exam? icon_confused.gificon_confused.gif


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    It is one of the more challenging exams in the MCSA track, but I don't see any reason why you can't learn it. Just make sure to put in enough effort and don't underestimate the exam.

    Not sure I completely understand what you're asking, but yes you can use "arp -a <clientip>" on the DHCP server to return the MAC address of the machine at "clientip".

    Running "ipconfig /all" on the DHCP server would return the MAC addresses of the DHCP servers NICs, you would need to run it on each of the clients.

    Be aware though if you are using DHCP relay and the client is not on the same subnet as the DHCP server, arp will only return the MAC address of the router on the DHCP servers subnet (because MAC addresses are part of layer 2).
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    Is this your first MS exam? You might want to pick up the Transcender 291 practice test to get a feel for MS-style exams. I think you're making things a bit hard on yourself by starting with 291, but it's certainly doable.
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    Thanks for all the support guies :) ..and astorrs you are a genius. The book I'm using never said anything about arp! it had me confused for a while..

    To tell u the truth I never had a clue of what I was going into until I joined this forum and by then I had already started reading 70-291...
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    So, what are you going for? MCSA? MCSE?

    Yeah, you happened to pick a rather difficult test as your first MS exam. However, depending on your experience, this is do-able.

    My pessimistic side says when you fail, don't feel bad since it's a tough exam.

    My optimistic side says when you pass, feel even better because the other tests will seam a bit 'easier'.

    Good luck and don't take this exam lightly!
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    I took 70-291 as my first exam since I deal with DNS, WSUS, DHCP, and subnetting more in my daily job than things like file shares, printers, etc. I underestimated and rushed it, and failed with about the highest failing score possible - 678.

    I took a little while to review my weaknesses based on the post test report, added CBT Nuggets to my training materials, and on my second attempt, I scored a respectable 914.

    I stuck with MS Press, Transcender, and CBT Nuggets for study materials, and after taking 70-291, 70-290 felt easy.
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