T-SQL? Which keywords and clauses are necessary and not?

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Going through the Beginning SQL 2005 book I have found quite a few clauses pertaining to the SELECT keyword which I think might be overkill for the MS exam.

So what do you think is unnecessary for the MS EXAM as far as keywords and clauses?

After going through the book there are many clauses which I think might be unnecessary for the exam, since most of the exam is going to be based on SQL Management Studio.


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    You will need to understand quite a bit of syntax to do well on the 70-431 exam. While it is true that the exam focuses on SSMS, you will need to understand T-SQL in order to answer many of the questions....especially in the simulation portion of the exam, which is 10+ questions.

    You don't need to be able to write elaborate queries, views, functions, etc. but you should be able to look at syntax and recognize what it does.
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