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One last question. I have roaming profiles set up on my domain controller running windows 2000 adv. server. If I login to the domain with one of my Win2K Pro clients everything works fine. If I have been logged in for a while my home folder will get an red X through it and I will have to click on it multiple times before it stoppes giving me the message "The drive is not accessable". Also when I log off after being logged on for a while it will come up with the error "Network Path not valid" when saving my profile on the server. Any ideas?



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    Reading the last couple of posts here in the forums, I can say only two things:

    - Try replacing the NIC on either machine (those involved in the problem), you might have a jabbering NIC, or a bad cable even.
    - Try searching in the Microsoft Knowledgebase (using the error messages and the codes from the Eventvwr... http://support.microsoft.com/search )

    It sounds to me you have a simple network problem resulting in symptoms that seem to point to other causes... your error messages are so general they could have a lot of different causes but almost always indicate a network problem. (server service not being started, faulty NIC, wrong client network config.)

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