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Passed the A+ core test today. 568 score..

Seemed like an extraordinary amount of networking questions. 5-6 of them were on wireless. My only CPU questions were on the more recent cpus, AMD xp models.. Lots of multiple answer questions. I would reccomend anyone taking this test to make sure they have the most current information possible. Comptia isnt playing around..

I failed the adaptive core test last summer (510/514)and have suffered from test anxiety since then. Kept putting it off, putting it off.. Going to enjoy my weekend without even taking a sideways glance at a book and resume studying on monday for the O/S test, which I'll take in a couple weeks.

Thanks for the study guide!! It helped tons!
A+, Net+


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    congrats for real!!

    I took the 2003 objectives using mostly 2001 resources (not recommended)
  • Orion82698Orion82698 Member Posts: 483
    Good job.

    Know you're stuff, and you should be good for the OS. Just take plenty of practice tests.
    and this website

    Good luck!
    WIP Vacation ;-)

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    Congrats on the pass!
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    Congrats on the pass icon_thumright.gif
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    Way to go, Tahh.
    I think you'll find the OS much like the core so you should score even better on it.
    I also used mostly 2001 material and passed both but would not recommend doing it that way either.
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