Should I study for CCDA

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I have my CCNA, should I purse the CCDA? I had a job that was looking for a person with design knowledge. He wanted to talk to because I had my CCNA. They was willing to train as long as i had some design knowledge, someone with a CCDA. It was like the perfect job, but was lacking that CCDA. It was a job that you traveled all over the country for 3 months straight for 70k. Then come back and train you on other cisco stuff. What the best book to get


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    You'll probably want to have 642-812 BCMSN under your belt before attempting the CCDA or the learning curve will be steep as the exam assumes knowledge of those concepts.

    How long are they willing to wait for you to get it?

    As for resources from what others have said you can't go wrong with these 3 "books":

    - Designing for Cisco Internetwork Solutions (DESGN) (Authorized Self-Study Guide), Second Edition
    - CCDA Official Exam Certification Guide, Third Edition
    - CCDA Quick Reference Sheets: Exam 640-863
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    Depends on your background and where you want to go.

    BCMSN knowledge is recommended pre-req for CCDA, I don't have BCMSN and understand the material no problem. Sit the exam soon, got a good background in voip, not so much in wireless and security other than the basics but it doesn't delve too deep into these in the CCDA just skims the surface that you'd expect most network engineers to have a good concept on the topics.

    I've seen some people saying this exam is easy, but I wouldn't read too much into that. This exam has alot of topics to learn even if they are not in great depth so don't underestimate it if you decide to do it.
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