Saved by forums

LarryDaManLarryDaMan Member Posts: 797
I may be somewhat new to certifications (PMP,Network+,A+) compared to many of you on these boards, but man there is a great community here. Even though I mostly prefer lurking, I learn new things everyday on here and on cccure.org. I have the Security+ exam in a few weeks and then I hope to do the CISSP exam in mid-October.

I have never purchased a practice test that didn't come with a book or voucher or sanctioned courseware, so I was a little suprised that some of these sites ( one rhymes with "chest ring") are considered cheats and ****. I work too damn hard and sacrifice too much time with reading and studying to compromise my integrity with some bogus stuff like that.

My question, besides these boards, where can one find more information about which sites and companies to avoid (****, bad info...etc.). ? Is there a comprehensive "black list" anywhere?


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