I know what I want and need......

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I don't need technical choices, what is your preference in a manufacturer. ABIT, ASUS, DFI, FOXCONN, GIGabyte, Epox, Intel, MSI, SuperMicro, Etc... I am building my Nephew a PC, I am using some hand me down parts, (i.e.: AMD Duron 650Mhz. @933Mhz.) upgrading parts as he goes along. I upgraded to an Athlon XP, This is my old overclocked chip. I use an Epox but only access is online and that's a problem. Brick and Mortar stores for me.


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    man... u certainly do know what you want and need. icon_lol.gif
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    I am going to be purchasing a new mother board. I know what specs.(ie:FSB,RAM,Socket,Etc.) I just want to know who is a solid company that puts out quality boards. Since I will be changing out parts and upgrading later, I don't want stuff like capacitor caps leaking a year later and the board frying! I will be overclocking for a while until we can get him an Athlon. That better 2lazybutsmartass?
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    For my home PC is always buy ASUS, but I used to have a good experience with MSI boards as well, and those are much cheaper. I think the Intel boards should be excellent, there not an option at my local PC store, but I would definitely try it out if I could.

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    Asus is good, ABit is my fav, currently have a chaintech 7njs.. Awesome AMD package.. check it out..
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    Most of my machines run ASUS boards - I find them very reliable. I do however have an Abit board I am fond of and have continued to upgrade. My latest is built on a Gigabyte board and I am rather stoked with it.
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    I lied, MSI I gather is the , "You get what you pay for". ABIT and Asus is what the reviews like. I have had no problems with Epox, others have. Thanx.
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