SolarWinds Certified Professional

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Even SolarWinds network management software will have a certification soon, the SolarWinds Certified Professional.

It wouldn't be high on my list because we don't use SolarWinds here (I had Orion pretty well tweaked out during the demo period but the powers that be decided network management wasn't important enough to spend money on icon_evil.gif ) but some of you probably use it daily. I don't know what the market for the certification might be, but the knowledge gained would still be useful.


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    A little bit more information
    SolarWinds Certified Program Details

    SolarWinds will initially roll out a single certification level: SolarWinds Certified Professional (SCP).

    Once the certification program is officially launched in the second half of 2008, becoming SCP certified will simply take a few easy steps:

    SolarWinds will provide free online training and reference materials

    Students will self study for the test based on three major areas:
      - Network management industry knowledge - SolarWinds specific knowledge - Advanced network management topics
    Students will register and pay for a proctored exam near their hometown. The test will be administered by a third party test vendor.

    Achieving SCP certification entitles individuals to receive elevated status from SolarWinds that includes:
      - An official certification logo for business cards, resumes, etc. - Access to SolarWinds certified-only forums on the SolarWinds Thwack community site - Designation on Thwack as a SolarWinds Certified Professional with a uniquely identified badge displayed under your avatar - Periodic certified-only perks made available to those with active certification – T-shirts, invitations to events, etc.
    Beyond an SCP certification, more advanced certification levels will be offered which will allow individuals to build upon their demonstrated expertise as an SCP. More details on additional certification levels will be communicated at a later time.
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    SolarWinds products are pretty good.

    However a quick Dice search yielded 54 results total or jobs with SolarWinds in the description.

    I'd do it just for personal satisfaction, but I doubt it will boost your resume anytime soon since all the people are recruiters and not techs.
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