Passed Server+ - A good test if it's right for you

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Passed SERVER + SK0-002 on the 26th om May but haven't had time to report the news until now. The score is between 100-900 and pass is 615 - I got 703 and I'm pleased with my pass icon_smile.gif

So how was this test? Well, it covered a lot of stuff that is related to A+ and some Network+ and general server knowledge (Microsoft 70-290 etc). Security in and around server rooms + equipment was hevaily tested and fun to read about. Know RAID upside down - had a lot of scenarios!

In my opinion it focused on hardware and having my A+ helped me a lot since a lot of the questions wasn't even covered in the CompTIA approved study guide I used ...kind of lame! icon_confused.gif So I had to guess and eliminate things I knew were wrong on some stuff not even in the book.

I paid around 3250:- SKR (Swedish currency) = around $560 and I think it was worth it if you intend to aim towards network administrator - A lot of stuff is really important to know that Server+ will test you on.

BOOK: I used Exam Cram Server+, ISBN: 0-7897-3368-4 (main book). You get two bonus tests in the end of the book + a CD from Measure Up. You will probably not pass with this book only if you don't have some Microsoft certification and A+/Network+....the best would be to aim for them first. I also used some Microsoft training kits for reference about RAID and my old Network+ book for cable lenghts and tools.

TIME SPENT: About four weeks and 6 hours 7 days a week.

Now over to 70-291 - Last test for MCSA coming up in the end of July.

But First....a deserved break with Age Of Conan icon_cool.gif


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