Passed my 70-271 but not as easy as I thought.

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I whish I had found this form like 2 weeks ago before taking my test today. As I did my self-study and did pass the test but found it alittle harder then I was expecting but I did not think it was going to be a complete cake walk ether. As I could of asked what to to study that the books failed to cover. Mind you I have to say the 70-271 made think alot more then I did on my A+ and Network+ tests. As I got hung up on the questions that had 4 right answers and you had to pick the most right. Or the VPN questions that my book didn't even cover.

Now in keeping with that I plan on trying to booking my 70-272 for ether some time in July or August. Can I expect much of the same and get questions that are not covered?


  • janmikejanmike Posts: 3,076Member
    Congratulations for passing!

    As for 272, I can remember that you need to know Internet Explorer well. But, I used the Microsoft Self-study book, and it led me through most of the things that I needed to study and practice.

    Put in at least as much effort as you did in studying for 271, and you should get a passing score.

    Good luck!
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    Know Outlook very well, you will get alot of questions about it. Also, as janmike said, know IE very well as you will receive alot of questions on it too. Other than that, basic app support.

    Good Luck!
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