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I passed today with an 860. This was the first cert test I have taken.

I used the Exam Cram 2 book, Tech Exam notes, and Transcenders.

I really feel like the Transcenders, for this test at least, were unnecessary. If you have the funds, great. But, many of my exam questions were very similar to ones that I had seen on Free practice exams, in my exam cram 2 book, or on this site. If you just want to pass, you definitely can get by with using all the free practice tests out there.

Thanks for the Tech Exam notes! At least half of the exam questions could be found in those alone. There were a few oddball questions that I never saw mentioned/tested anywhere. I am sure a non Cram-style book, like maybe a Sybex?, might have answered them.

Test advice...

Remember that the Network+ is not adaptive.

Further, keep in mind that you could start the test with hard questions, and end with easier questions (factual based). The questions at the beginning were fairly hard, some I had no idea about. I almost psyched myself out. But, I was able to use process of elimination, because some of the answer choices were so obviously wrong. That's the great thing about this test, there weren't any "trick" answer choices, (like choosing between NTP, or NNTP, or purposeful misspellings)

After the first 25 questions or so, I finally got into what I felt were the "easy," factual questions, that rely on memory. Port numbers, media types, connectors, OSI Layer questions. The first 25 questions of the test took me like 15 minutes, the other 50, like 10 minutes.


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