Web page logins, how to do them?

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What's a way to implement a page login on a single page of a site. The main page and most material will be available to all people, but a section will be available to only authorized users. Can anyone point me in the right direction? It doesn't have to be incredibly secure like an online credit card transaction page, as the information isn't that sensitive. Just something so your average user can't stumble in and view it.


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    I'm not that good at web apges, but here's my 2 cents.

    Suppose a person wants to access the TechNotes on this site (..just an example, ok) and he's not registered. There's gotta be a session cookie or something like that to keep track of the status of this user (guest, member, etc). Then when the person requests the TechNotes page, the cookie's will be checked and be redirected to the appropirate page, technotes or registration, respectively.

    The crux of the matter is that separate pages must be maintained for different levels of access.

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    in the likes of this site, a database is held of usernames and passwords. sql/php websites can create these on the fly.

    some webhosts will allow access to folders and files on a website by password protecting them. this can normally only be done via a control panel such as plesk or cpanel or via the host's website.
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    Databases...yuck. I want them to login using their Netware names/accounts.
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    IIS Stores Server Variables that grab the NT username and password from a user... Netware might have something similar?

    Databases are still the way to go :)
    And we're using windows why?
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    If you are hosted on linux and are using Cpanel this is fairly easy, there should be an option for Directory protecion, create a sub dir ie www.domain.com/users and add directory protection on this.
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