Is it worth it?

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I'm currently a MCSA 2003, and I recently found out that I have to take my Security+ to exempt out of some College coursework. I'm toying with the idea of taking my 70-299 as well, so I can get my Security specialization at the same time.

What kind of time investment am I looking at for the 299? I'm currently trying to focus on my CCNP, and don't want anything to take my focus off the prize for more then ... say 2 months.

Is it worth it?
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    My wife gave me +9 to sexy after I got my security specialization. Go for it!

    Seriously though, I'd encourage you to take 293 first. 299 is going to be a bit rough without a solid foundation in certificates, etc.

    After 293, you could do 298 and 299 simultaneously, and then you'd just have 294 left for MCSE:S.
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    yep, I've been studying for 299 off and on the last month or so, and I haven't encountered anything yet that hasn't been covered in the tests I've already taken. Although there's a bit on certificates and that's covered in 293. Best bet would be to take 293 first if you're going for MCSE eventually.
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    There is a lot about WSUS on the 70-299. I have failed the 299 twice now because of WSUS. On both my exam printouts, all bars are nearly full except the WSUS section.

    So know WSUS like the back of your hand! ..hey whats that on my hand..
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    Thanks guys, considering what people here have said, and talking to a friend of mine today who's a MCSE:S, I think I'll probably go for it.

    I was leaning toward that anyway, I just wanted confirmation that it wasn't a monster of a test that I would have to spend months on. I already have a fair amount of experience implementing group policy, wsus, and some of the other objectives.
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