Passed the exam!

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Well guys im new here. I recently started reading this forum to get more info on the OS part of the exam. I just passed the OS part today with a 549. I passed the Core with a 524 2 weeks ago (yea both crappy scores but enough). The OS was kinda easy at the begining then it started to get more dificult. Im going to work towards my net+. Heres wat i recomend u stydy for the OS part:
Which Operating Systems have ICF
Which OS have the Device manager in the MMC
Command to get new IP from DHCP
location for win.ini
switch for scandisk to fix problems
Min Service pack for win NT to dual boot with win 2000
Some printer troubleshooting
when a user can recieve but cannot send email

By the way, great forum guys... It really help me a lot. Felt more confident than when i took the hardware part.


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