Passed Network + on Friday!

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Just passed Network + Exam on Friday! For those of you taking this exam, don't just skim through a book...do plenty of practice exams online. Most of the questions were troubleshooting. So I'm finally A+ and Network + certified. Next in line is my first MCSE exam...I'm thinking about taking Network Essentials. Have any of you taken this exam? What are your suggestions as to whether or not this is a good first exam to take for MCSE?


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    Congratulations on the new cert!

    I think 70-058, Networking Essentials, was part of the NT MCSE track and it was retired by M$.
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    Network Essentials was part of the NT 4.0 track and it has been retired for some time.

    If you are confusing it with Network Intrastructure, I would not recommend taking that exam first.

    Good start exams would be

    210 (Windows 2000 Pro) or 270 (Windows XP).

    Some people like to start with the server exam:

    215 (for Windows 2000 MCSE) or 290 (for Windows 2003 MCSE).

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    Congratulations on the pass icon_thumright.gif
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    Congrats bud! Feels good to finally have two certs, don't it!
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