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I took Sec+ on 6/21 and I passed with an 810 after 3 months of studying and stressing.

I was definitely relieved when I finished. I only actual book I used was the Exam Cram. The practice questions frustrated me as there were errors and flat out wrong answers in each section

I used the practice tests and study guides here and I scoured the net for any possible study guides, practice questions, flashcards anything I could find and I read through all of it. I have worked in the IT field for 7 years and was never heavy into networking but I found alot of the answers can be found through deductive reasoning and process of elimination. I marked about 20 of the questions for review and just took my time figuring out my answer. Like a few other people mentioned I only had about 2-3 questions on ports. I did few like a few questions had the possibility to be 1 of 2 answers and the keyword of Best or Most can be subjective.

If I were to do it again I would probably start with the Syngress book since it was highly recommended and supplement it with the Exam Cram book. Be careful when using study guides and practice tests from various websites as they can sometimes conflict each other

All in all I feel like I burnt myself out with the material but I'm glad I overdid it and passed


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