New Security+ Practice questions

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:D I just added a new CompTIA practice exam with 25 questions for Security+ which can be accessed using the Practice Exams link on top of this page or using the navigation menu on the left.

RussS, our Security+ moderator, has donated 100 questions in total for this exam, I will start feeding te remaining 75 to our test engine in the next couple of days.

Thanks RussS! icon_thumright.gif



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    I just finished converting 25 more questions, there are now 50 questions online in total. More soon...
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    icon_cheers.gif Just added 25 more questions for the Security+ exam, written by RussS. I decided to make a new exam instead of adding them to the first 50 questions. I hope to be able to change the test engine soon so you can choose an x number of questions from the complete pool.


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    I've just added a 20 questions Identifying Well-known ports quiz for the security+ exam here. Take it untill you known them all by heart, you won't regret doing it...

    We are revising 25 questions, which should be back online soon...
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    First off thanks for the great site, its very informative!

    Secondly, how well are the questions verbatim to the actual exam? I just finished studying the Sybex book and also reading from various other sources of information. And am planning on on writing the test very soon and wanted to study some questions before I wrote it.

    Thanks again.
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    Hopefully none of them are - they were written to put someone in 'thought' mode and to help prepare for the test. Personally I think they are a little easier to understand than the Comptia ones.
    My hint for the test is tio mark the ones you are unsure of and go back to them - particularly on the questions where there are 2 correct answers. Review the questions later and after thought you should be able to see where Comptia is coming from ... hopefully icon_rolleyes.gif
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