MCSE/MSCA Your Opinions..?

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I am going to pursue my MCSE. However along the way, you obviously obtain your MCSA. In your opinion, what is my best move, if even possible? This is what I have in mind.
1. MCSA 2000 requirements (3 tests, I have Net+)
2. Upgrade to MCSA 2003 server (1 test)
3. Upgrade to MCSE 2003 Server (4 tests)
Would starting off at the MCSA 2000 level and upgrading be worth the time and the extra test? Or should I go straight for MCSA-MCSE 2003, or MCSE 2000. Which path seems best? I have 3 or so years experience in both 2000 and 2003 enviroment. I’m pretty confident with the right study material I could knock out a test every 45 days. What route have you gone?


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    the Net+ exam by itself doesn't count as an elective. You need A+ & Net+ to count as an MCSA 2000 elective.

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