642-523 SNPA - What firewall?

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Hi everyone!

I recently completed my CCNA, and I've just started on my SND!

I want to pick up a firewall in preparation for the SNPA and to help with the PIX chapters of the SND.

But which one should I get?

PIX 501? Cheap and cheerful. No support for version 7.
PIX 515? Expensive, but versatile. Version 7 supported!
ASA 5505? Is the ASA relevant to the PIX areas of the SNPA?

All comments would be appreciated!

I want to get on this ASAP, last day for SNPA is 1/16/2009, and last day for the CCSP (without the new CCNA-security) is 6/24/2008.

That gives me one year to knock out 5 exams, time to get moving!


  • AhriakinAhriakin SupremeNetworkOverlord Member Posts: 1,799 ■■■■■■■■□□
    Depending on the licensing you have available for each device I'd say go for the 5505. Also consider using PEMU (now included with GNS3) if you have access to PIX images and serial/activation keys to use with it.
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  • mzinzmzinz Member Posts: 328
    Get the ASA. They are very similar, but the ASA is sooo much more friendly to use.
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  • hypnotoadhypnotoad Banned Posts: 915
    ASA retains value pretty well...if you put it back on ebay when you're done with it you might break even.
  • shednikshednik Member Posts: 2,005
    Get the ASA it seems like the better deal in the long run!
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