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i want to study for mcse 2003 exams . was wondering around

the internet looking for some practice tests and found out

****.com special offer of $85 for all exams . how good

are these to prepare for my exams . will look forward to

your replies


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    you already made this post once
    MCSE is microsoft technology not sure what you found from cisco's website. do you have a link?
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    Check the source out first at to find out if the materials are legal.

    If they are, please give us more information (website, publisher, etc) to help you decide whether they are decent or not. The price seems pretty low to me, I typically spend several times that for each test. Feel free to browse the forum of the paricular test you are looking at taking to find out what the people that are passing are studying with.
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    That's a spambot...
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