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Hi All,

I’m not new to the forum but I’m new to the Cisco side…. posting anyway, I have a good & basic understanding of Cisco foundations and most of there concepts, just looking for some advice on what should be my starting point? And what is the hardest topic I really need to understand order to achieve my CCNA by August 2008?

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    Welcome Tommy2727 and garv221 icon_lol.gif

    The hardest topic depends on how familiar you are with the topics.
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    The best advice I can give to you is get the hands on practice, home lab is the best way as you will actually get hands on experience with the equipment, however people can be successful with some of the simulators out there.

    also get to know :D:D
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    I'm an Alumni member of the Cisco netacademy in Pennsylvania so I have some familiarity of the basics. But where should I start? how many hours of the day should I study? and what is the hardest topic to understand?.... Coming from someone who actually sat the exam and passed, If you don't mind.

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    Well, decide if you want to go the 1 test or 2 test route. Check out the CCNA blueprint on and see which areas you are familiar or unfamiliar with. Most study guides also have quizzes before each chapter so you can see how familiar you are with the material.

    When I started I was a sys admin with 0 networking knowledge outside of basic Windows troubleshooting. I took the official Cisco ICND1 5-day course, read the Lammle and Odom books, and reviewed with the CBT Nugget tapes. It was overkill and I crushed the ICND1 exam. For ICND2 I think I'm literally going into the test this Sat with about 50% less study time. There are a ton of resources available for CCNA, you just need to gauge how much of it you will need.
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    Check out the CCNA FAQ for some hints about getting started.

    The link to Cisco CCNA Certification web page is in there -- and that gives you your exam options and lists the topics you you should know for the exam.

    A lot depends on your current knowledge, skills, and experience -- and even how smart your are. But I will agree that subnetting is probably the first basic task you need to master if you are to have a future in networking and advance to the upper levels.
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    All thanks for the replies, I’ve herd subnetting is the hardest to comprehend and master. I’ve decided to take the one test route and dedicate at least 1 hr per night to Cisco, the wife and kids will understand icon_biggrin.gif. I have the 640-802 PDF from Sybex, the CCNA cbt nuggets, and a boson CCNP simulator with over 30+ labs. Hopefully this will suffice. Thanks again and hopefully by the end of the month I’ll have some complex configurations and questions to ask the Gurus here!

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    Subnetting is not so hard. I read the Sybex book and picked it up fairly quick. I would say, ACL's, NAT and routing protocols are pretty daunting. There is a lot to each one. With some such as NAT you can't do one without the other. For instance in order to set up NAT you have to know how to set up a standard ACL.
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    hello friends.. i am all new to the ccna world.. i have got only the book of sybex tod lamle... and i really want to start the ccna course.. how should i start with the ccna... what things i will be needing while doing the course... what exams am i supposed to take for ccna and for recertification after it.. what books i shuld prefer.. however i looked on the notes in technotes and and the tech hardware but i cant figure out how to use them... so please help me out with alll the necessary details about the ccna.. i also like to know what is this icnd and how is it gonna help me in ccna.. what steps shuld i take to start with ccna? please guys help me out.. i m in really need of it icon_idea.gificon_confused.gif:
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    garv221 wrote:
    I'm new too.

    :) wanna date?

    As for CCNA materials, Wendall Odom's book (and video series) are good starters. CBT nuggets gives you a more visual approach to learning. I think it's best used for emphasizing concepts you're already familiar with.
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    Hi guys, welcome :)

    My best advise would be to read this forum and its consecutive pages of threads to not only get insight into the exam but also learn from other's mistakes. Understanding what you're getting in to by gaging how others have experienced it is an invaluable resource.
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