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Hello All,

I’m looking for a little a direction here. Been doing IT for about 10 years now. You would think I would have some certs by now, but something’s always pushes me off to the sidelines. Any way im am now trying to pursue it again and I was wondering if I should still follow the MCSE (2003) track or go for the latest and greatest MCTS track (200icon_cool.gif or go for something all together different and get something with Cisco. Any direction here would be helpful as I feel im at a stand still and need more job satisfaction and money in my life. Thank you for you help here…


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    What do you currently do?

    If you work in a Windows 2003 environment I'd go for the MCSA/MCSE. Those technologies will be around for a long time to come and the MCSE is one of the most recognized certifications.

    If you work in a networking environment with Cisco gear than start with the CCNA and go what ever route interests you from there.
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    Simple, do what will help you in your current job first, before move to next step. If you can maintain your job, then what is the point to go after something that you might not able to finish it.

    In today tight job market...., job always first or the family. U know
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