Cisco Mars event question

zenlakinzenlakin Member Posts: 104
Hey guys, I currently work in security and I have been seeing quite a bit of netbios traffic coming from 2 IP addresses consistently but the targets change in sequential order but all the target ports are being reported in cisco mars as port 139. I contacted the local admin at the location that I am seeing these events and according to them the 2 IP addresses that are the source IP's are web servers that have print servers on them. I had the local admin do an update on the antivirus and scan both boxes in question and according to them nothing was found. I am just curious if anyone would see this traffic like I am and think that it is a ping sweep or if that could be normal traffic given the devices I have explained that are sending out this traffic? Seems a little odd that this is the only location that I am seeing this traffic from and all other sites that have similar infrastructure are not showing any of this traffic.


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