Flooding at work

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Kind of late, but one of the buildings I work at flooded on sunday and destroyed hundreds of desktop computers and ruined cubicals and possessions. I lost part of my weekend setting up new laptops for all the people who needed them. Massive amounts of data lost.
Maybe now they'll start putting stuff on the servers. ;)

A large pipe broke open in the middle of the night, and noone noticed until half the building was flooded. I heard something similar happened last year. icon_eek.gif
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    whistlerwhistler Member Posts: 108
    Had the same thing happen where I work. Only a early morning employee noticed it and didn't bother calling anyone, still works here.

    After the PC's and monitors where dried out most worked. Although they where deemed wrecked for insurance purposes and given away to iffy for business use once water damaged.

    We have the users power their systems down at the end of the day.
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