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Yeah, I know, another lab kit thread...sorry!

I'm starting out on the the CCNA and, probably, the CCNP eventually.

So I'm looking at getting the proper kit (instead of sims) and have been looking at a couple of kits on Ebay...could someone advise which would be the best to get (if either)?

With the view of moving onto the CCNP eventually so getting the kit which be a basis for that (and added upon obviously) would be very useful.

Kit 1:

Cisco 2610XM Fast Ethernet Serial ADSL Router 64D/16F
Cisco 2610 Ethernet Router 64D/16F with NM-4A/S Four Serial Frame-Relay Module
Cisco 2610 Ethernet Serial Router 64D/16F
1 x Cisco 2950-24 Advanced Switch running latest Cisco IOS
1 x Cisco 2924-XL Enterprise Switch running latest Cisco IOS
2 x serial DB60-DB60 crossover cables
4 x cat 5E straight-through cables
4 x cat 5E crossover cables
2 x RJ45 / DB9 console cables

Kit 2:

1x Cisco 2611 with 2 Ethernet Ports, 2xWIC-1T, Flash 16MB, DRAM 64MB.
1x Cisco 2611 with 2 Ehernet Ports , 1xWIC-1T, Flash 16MB, DRAM 64MB.
1x Cisco 2610 with 1 Ethernet Port, 1x WIC-1T, Flash 16MB, DRAM 64MB.
2x Cisco 2924-XL vlan capable fully managed 24 port switches.
2x 1ft long DB60 DTE-DCE Cables.
2x Console Cables.
2x Crossover Ethernet cables.
4x Straight Ethernet Cables.

Thanks in advance!


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