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i'm preparing for CCENT(ICND1) and will be giving the exam in august 08.i'm a student doing MS in NC.if i pass the CCENT exam will that help me getting an internship in Cisco?i'm aiming at Cisco because, we have Cisco in Raleigh,NC.


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    I dont Live there so I cant comment exactly, but the CCENT is the entry level cert, so I dont think so, best is to pursue the full CCNA will give you a better chance. May I suggest you contact the HR dept ? Im sure they can guide you well. Good luck for your studies
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    It's probably best to check with your school or directly with Cisco.

    But there are lot of students pursuing their Bachelors who already have the CCNA and are probably well on the way to their CCNP and a bunch probably already have experience working in campus jobs (or have already done internships at other companies). You didn't say what your MS is in, but if you're just getting the CCENT now, just like in the real world, you may get beaten out for any technical internship by other students who have been preparing for something like this for the last couple years. Have you done any original work or research as part of your MS that would make you stand out over those undergraduate router rats?

    You should still take the shot at an internship. Even if you don't get it, try and get some feedback from them, since you may want to try for some of their new hire programs after you graduate -- and there an MS, with some beefed up Certification and experience, could help you stand out over others.
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    I think that to improve your chances you may want to completely fulfill the CCNA and possibly take a few of the CCNP exams (if not earn the CCNP outright). Either way, you can only know if you call and find out, so first thing on Monday get on the telephone and be inquisitive :)
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    thanks for the reply everyone,i'll work on ur suggestions.
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