Bad Subnet Mask.

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Excuse me if the question sounds too obvious, but i cant figure out the logic behind the following :

Router(config)#interface e0/0
Router(config-if)#ip address
Router(config-if)#no shutdown
%LINK-3-UPDOWN: Interface Ethernet0/0, changed state to up
Router(config-if)#interface e0/1
Router(config-if)#ip address
Bad mask /24 for address

i'll explain. I have got two routers connected to each other via e0/1 on Router_1 & e0/0 on Router_2. I have'nt configured the interfaces on Router_2 yet. On Router_1, i have configured e0/0 to have an IP of /24. The interface is enabled. When i configure e0/1 on Router_1 to have an IP of /24, i get the following msg : Bad mask /24 for address Is'nt 192.168.1 & 192.168.2 two differrent network Ids under /24 ? Whats the reason behind this ?

fyi - m using a 4550 on both ends, but i suppose that shud'nt matter.
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