Which do you think is more important

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Experience - Education - Certification

PS: If this has been done before just post a link to the page.


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    JDMurray wrote:
    (Experience + Certs + Education + Who you know) * Luck = really good career opportunity


    I believe the general consensus is that if you could have only one, experience would be your best bet, but a combination of the three is obviously ideal.
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    Experience - Education - Certification

    Who you know icon_lol.gificon_lol.gif

    dynamilk hit it on the head, this field is about experience... try to land that entry-level job as soon as you can and hopefully you can work a schedule out so you can still get an education and certifications.
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    AndreL wrote:
    Experience - Education - Certification

    Education - broadens your horizon and makes mind more open (depends on programme)
    Experience - makes solid ground for previous gains and settles new territories
    Certification - proves both aforementioned achievements and serves as joker in job negotiations game

    For me it was Education, then Experience and lastly Certification. This is a double edged sword and I don't recommend this path for those in doubt. Mainly because we here (in Latvia) have a chance that government pays for education, once per degree (i.e. 1 BS, 1 MS, 1 PhD) so the choice had to be made wisely. You really have to know what you want and like for 3+ years. I did, so there are no regrets.

    Best recommendation for those in doubt. Internship. Right after you graduate, get some job, even near the job you want would be fine. Won't be easy but if employee sees vigor and ability, there will definitely be ground for growing.

    Philosophical mood, nonetheless I think the life is about jorney and results come as nice bonuses.
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    It depends what skills did you got last.


    List certification before education if you recently got a certification.
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