vs Beast Jr.


Whomped the Beast Jr. today. I'm very much liking having a Prometric Center within 5 minute drive now! The exam booted me out once after the very first question, but then it went smoothly from there. That did make me a bit nervous though. Ended with a score of 805.

Got hit the most with ipsec and security templates though there was a good amount of PKI in there as well. Not too much NLB/Clustering and DNS/DHCP. 3 sims which weren't too difficult. Just a bit vague on the desired results in the 3rd sim was all.

Over all I found it to be not too difficult of an exam. Not as easy as the 290 but nowhere near as difficult as the Security+. Actually having done the Security+ previously made this exam easier as it utilizes a number of concepts in the Security+. I would fully recommend the Security+ before this exam. It seemed like a number of their questions though where they required least administrative effort and things like that were more of a study in reading comprehension than actual knowledge of the material. Just applying common sense and thoroughly reading the question were really all that was required.

Time for celebratory Wii bowling! Next up is going to be the 298.
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