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I'm trying to purchase a Cisco Catalyst 2950 Switch for my labs. Is the below auction a good deal?

$127 for the 2950 switch. Can it get any cheaper? ;)


  • dynamikdynamik Posts: 12,314Banned
    Mine were around there, but I got them awhile ago. That's definitely the most I would pay.
  • Paul BozPaul Boz Posts: 2,621Member
    I paid $65 a piece for three of them. They can be had for similar values if you wait patiently.
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  • ConstantlyLearningConstantlyLearning Posts: 445Member
    I'm currently piecing together a CCNA lab, still have to get some 2950 switches.

    The least I would be able to get them for from ebay, including shipping, is about €160.

    Thats about $250 at the moment!
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