Anyone here is/was a PFE or IC/SC for Microsoft?

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For the Premier Field Engineer role, was the travel really the 70% like they say it is? I've gotten the "official" answer, but I would rather hear it from someone who's been there/done that.

As for the Infrastructure Consultant (aka Senior Consultant) role what was the travel like there as well (they wouldn't pin down a number - I think because they're short handed right now in Canada so travel might be way up and they didn't want to scare me off).

And most importantly, was it fun to work for them? And if you're not still there, why did you leave?


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    From what I've heard from the people I've dealt with, the travel is more or less what they say, though I think they try to keep you in the same region.

    I've also been told by MS people that while it's a great company to work for and they generally really enjoy their jobs, the turnover in a position like that at Microsoft is pretty high because of the burnout. I was told that staying in a position at Microsoft usually lasted no more than 2 years, whether it is leaving the company or Microsoft transferring you to another position. I was also told the burnout factor was something Microsoft took seriously and they encourage shifting positions.

    I'd go for one of those jobs if I didn't have the family.
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    Hi guys,

    This is a 2008 thread but let's see if anyone can help.

    I have my fourth and face to face interview with Microsoft soon about this PFE position where the official requirement is 70% which means 3 weeks per month if not plus.

    I made a mistake confirming that I will be able to do it on the pre screening but when thinking about it again it is really a lot and can impact family life. This is a dream job and I don't want to miss it and at the same time their requirement is really high.

    I know it is up to me to choose but now I am looking for advices on how to inform them / negotiate and still keep a hope to work for this company in the future.

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