70-620 ... Is it really THIS easy?

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I've been going through the PrepLogic 70-620 practice exam in 15 question sets while I'm waiting for my MS Press book to be delivered. Only once out of a dozen times have a received below a 700 score with most scores being in the 800s. I'm getting questions like:

"Files and programs leave behind unused files...etc, etc, etc

How do you speed up the file access?

A. Defragment the page file
B. Defragment the hard drive
C. Defragment the RAM
D. Defragment the DOG"

I've been using Vista at home for about 6 months, still on XP at work. Is this exam really THIS easy?
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    The question style is like that. Maybe a little harder than the question below but it's about right.
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    Mishra, I'm not sure if you've been following this too much since you've been busy moving into your new place, but this exam has change significantly since we took it. Some people are saying there's as many as 10 sims on it icon_eek.gif

    To the OP: It's going to be nothing like your 290 exam. The questions are much more straight forward. You do need to read the book though because there is some stuff, like tabletpc, media center, etc. that you're probably not going to just know from experience.
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    IMO you could probably pass the exam with a little luck, some Vista experience and not much else. Most would prefer not ot rely on that though and reading the meterials should guarantee you a safe pass score. I think the question you posted isn't very realistic - as I remember it the wrong answers at least made sense in the exam.

    Also I had about 10 sims (as stated above) which were really good but not obvious. It was 64 questions and some were certainly harder than others. I thought about 50% of the questions were very easy / straight forward and quite guessable by eliminating the wrong answers or whatever. Not quite as straight forward as the one you posted though.
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    Hmm... I never got clarification if these were 10 full blown sims or just 10 simulation-like questions. Anyone know the answer?
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    My boss took it this morning after he failed it last month using second shot and he passed it this morning with an 856 and he told me flat out there was sims. Boss is an mcse in 2003 with a few other certs and when he says full blown sims I take his word for it.
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    I can confirm again... Full blown SIMS. I had about 10 or 12..
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