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taking ccna on monday!!

question on assigning ip addresses on 1900 & 2950 switch.

1900=enable,config t, ip address subnet, etc

is the 2950 same as above OR

2950=enable,config t,int vlan 1,ip address sub OR

enable,vlan database,int vlan 1,ip address

?????? thanks
working on, 70-210,ccna


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    2950=enable,config t,int vlan 1,ip address sub

    That's the right one, but make sure you don't forget to type the "ip address" command itself before you type the ip address and subnet. so it would be:
    config t
    int vlan1 (becuase every port is part of vlan1)
    ip address x.x.x.x y.y.y.y
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