Passed Server+ today

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Passed today with exactly 615. I was almost screaming out loud after I saw the score.

Anyway, pass is a pass, and my hard work really paid off.  

I have been reviewing the material on and off for a few months, and only had some time to concentrate this month especially the last 3 days thanks to Canada Day!

I work at the oil patch at fort mcmurray, Canada, so I usually don't have much spare time, getting up at 4:45 am in the morning and back home at about 7 pm, plus I have a part time job on weekends. Hard to survive with one low paying IT job at the most expensive city in Canada.

Over all, the test is a tough one. I used Exam Cram 2, and lots of questions are not exactly covered by the book. Many questions about PCI, PCI-X, ISA, SCSI, backup, and many scenario questions, and i had to isolate the least possible answers and used common sense and guesses.

For study materials, I also went to to get the study guide there, and took all the tests i could get from the internet free, and finished the questions with Cram book twice. This website also gave me lots of information about what book i should buy and what questions I would come across.

I have not been dealing much with servers, and my only experiences with servers are changing tape drives. If someone has similar background as I have, I would recommend you to read more and get more prepared before you take the exam. Honestly, I am not confident that I can pass it the second time tomorrow.

Wish everyone good luck!


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