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I failed and got 662 (700 pass) and either it was two questions wrong or one...don't really know?? I was supposed to start reading on 70-291 but my books got delayed so I started on 70-284 instead and I thought it was great fun to read about Exchange.

The computer at the testcenter frooze when moving to question two and when I did the final check 3 hours later to check my answers the whole test frooze and the teststaff had to reboot the computer. The testadmin said that if you are lucky your progress is still there or all is lost....I prayed and lucky me - I could continue and end as normal.

To take the test in the correct order I should have taken 70-291 and AD to be better prepared but I hadn't so that part is like 25% fault that I failed. Main reason I failed is some of the most stupid guestions I've seen and that I didn't study enough. So now you must be stupid to get certified as well...LOL :D (non below is from actual test ).

icon_arrow.gif You are the exchange admin at your company. You can't send mail - what should you do?


A: Print out the mail and mail it at the post office.
B: You don't need to send mail so the problem is solved.
C: Send the mail if possible.
D: If you receive an error ignore it and try sending again (hopefully it will work later).

I used MS-training Kit and Sybex + went through test questions on the Cd's. Also did labs with two computers.

I have now ordered "Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Administrator's Pocket Consultant (ISBN: 0735619786)" to get more info on certain things + will have a little more than three weeks to go through all again and will try second time on July 29th.

I'll update on this post later :)


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