Scheduled 70-620 for July 15th.

I am only through chapter 4 of the MS Press book but I don't see why I can't learn this in a week. I have some experience with Vista, and experience with their other operating systems. I have a full week to study without work obligations (Honey-do list is in affect but controlable). I plan on doing most of the practice excersizes but I really think I will concentrate on the requirements for vista, aero, upgrade, migrate, etc.

Do you all think this will be enough? What am I missing?

I just don't see anything too difficult here. I am also planning on using Virtual PC and loading Vista Business as well (I have a free copy through my school). I think this might be overkill but I rather not pay for the exam twice. I really want to move on into the 70-290 as soon as I can.

Thanks for your help.
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    This is a pretty simple exam. It doesn't have the more difficult material that the equivalent XP exam had. The difficult will depend on your level of experience. I think I spent 10 days on it, but I was also working full-time and studying a few other things as well. You should definitely get some hands-on though.
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    I will be spending lots of time in the library next week.

    I have a laptop with Vista Home Premimum. I plan on putting Virtual PC on it so I can load Vista Business and run through the practices in the book. I do use Vista some what but I don't nearly cover all the things they do in the book. I just don't have the need in my life. I know XP better than XP but I thought the Vista test might head me more in the right direction for future certs if I went the 2008 way later.
    Going for MCSE:security, Intermediate ITIL, PMP
  • goforthbmerrygoforthbmerry Member Posts: 244
    oops, I figured out that you can't put virtual pc on Vista Home Premimum. I put it on my XP box instead and it works fine. I haven't really done much to study for this exam yet so I guess I will start to cram or reschedule.
    Going for MCSE:security, Intermediate ITIL, PMP
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